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Staff Safety at new Whiskey Distillery

Location: Tullamore, Ireland
As part of the construction of a new bottling plant there was a need to provide safely designated pedestrian walkways between the production and dispatch areas, with Emtek being asked to provide workplace safety railings that would be highly visible and easy to maintain.
Working with the client and their contractor we provided our iFlex Pedestrian Railings, capable of taking fork lift truck impacts whilst safely guiding the staff through the works. Manufactured from A-Safe’s unique iFlex polymer material, it allows the railings to absorb energy upon impact from a workplace vehicle strike, then reform to the original state. This solution helps reduce long term product maintenance costs for the client and can also be easily cleaned down. In addition our team supplied safety gates at loading bays to complete the overall scheme. Emtek have over 20 years’ experience in this field, developing and implementing safety solutions for industrial, retail and commercial environments.

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