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UltraCrete Footpath and Road Repair Materials

Our specialist materials (1) stop carriageway ironwork sinking, (2) enable rapid & permanent footpath repairs and (3) help fix potholes, fast!

We take the pain out of your construction material problems

We solve 3 infrastructure problems

We stop carriageway
ironwork sinking

We repair footway reinstatements, permanently

We fix potholes,

We are a leading supplier of reinstatement materials across Ireland. Our range of UltraCrete materials have been setting the standard for rapid strength and fast track carriageway repairs for over 25 years. As part of our commitment to our clients we provide regular technical training and materials awareness sessions on the best mix, application and use of our high performance products. Our materials support team work throughout Ulster, Leinster, Connaught and Munster, supporting contractors, local authorities and maintenance organisations, to help ensure the optimum use of the materials on what are often busy national roads and time critical projects.
Our range of BBA/HAPAS approved, CD534 and Series 500 approved materials include high performance bedding carriageway ironwork mortar Envirobed, M60F and M90.  Our rapid strength backfill concrete QC10F and bitumen edge sealer spray SCJ help lock in the repair. Our permanent cold lay wearing course materials allow immediate repairs to footpaths and carriageways, select Instant Road Repair and ToughPatch to get the job done. Fast! 

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We provide product training on the best mix & application of our materials to clients across Ireland every week. Book your Demo today and we’ll help you build better, faster, stronger!