Emtek’s range of workplace safety products are manufactured with A-Safe’s unique iFlex polymer material, allowing the RackGuard to absorb energy upon impact from a workplace vehicle, then reform to the original state. They are ideal for warehousing and are designed to protect vulnerable rack legs from front, side and scrape impacts by workplace vehicles. RackGuard protectors absorb and deflect impacts, transferring energy around the rack leg rather than through it, preventing damage to uprights and maintaining the structural integrity of racking systems. Ten frictional grip points, a compression hinge and a centralising rubber lug ensure a secure grip to any rack leg. A RackGuard™ Tool Set assists with ultra-fast installation for every rack leg size.

Key Features

• Compression Hinge
• Centralising Rubber Lug
• Simple Installation
• Maintenance Free
• Decreased Downtime
• Reduced Repair Costs

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