iFlex Swing Gate

iFlex Swing Gate

Emtek’s range of workplace safety products are manufactured with A-Safe’s unique iFlex polymer material, allowing railings to absorb energy upon impact from a workplace vehicle, then reform to the original state. They are ideal for pedestrian walkways, machinery protection and warehousing / loading bay areas. iFlex Swing Gates provide access openings for pedestrians and light vehicles at certain points within barrier sections. They act as a physical stop to prevent a pedestrian or driver travelling straight through a gap or crossing point. They are non-return to ensure the opening remains in place while in use for safe vehicle movement. The gates have a double swing action but are also supplied with gate stops which can be easily integrated to limit movement to one direction and force users to pause and pull the gate towards them to enhance safety. Compatible with all Pedestrian Barriers and Combined Pedestrian and Traffic Barriers, they can be installed on their own or in pairs to increase the size of the opening.

Key Features

• Hydraulic Self-Close (short option)
• Stay-Open Access (long option)
• Double Swing Action Gate Stops
• Included Electrophoretic Coated
• Based Additional Base Options

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